“Demonstrating the love of God and infusing His hope

by feeding all people and uplifting communities.”

“Demonstrating the love of God and infusing His hope by feeding all people and uplifting communities.”

Founded in 2018, Thy Kingdom Crumb (TKC) exists to “Demonstrate the love of God and to infuse His hope by feeding all people and uplifting communities.” 

It is our goal to remind people that they are seen, valued and loved by addressing the issue of food insecurity. 

Through the distribution of free, high-quality food with excellence and community outreach, we want to help all people experience the unconditional love of God in a tangible manner.

Thy Kingdom Crumb expanded to Indianapolis in 2021, while continuing its operation in Philadelphia, where more than 100,000 meals have been served.


Yes, the food is always free.

We believe that God gave all of us the greatest gift through His son, Jesus Christ. We want to share that same love tangibly with our communities by distributing free, high-quality food with excellence.

When you enjoy a delicious meal from TKC, remember that God sees, loves and values you.

Each one of us needs something. The need to be seen, loved, accepted, strengthened, encouraged or uplifted are a few of the most common we experience at each event.

Thy Kingdom Crumb recognizes the needs that exist in people’s lives, and it is our goal to bring the hope and kindness of Jesus to our communities in tangible form. We believe food is a means to accomplish that!

We offer delicious food for all people. When we feed those who appear to have much or who have little, we help meet the need we all carry: the need to be loved and changed by Jesus.

Thy Kingdom Crumb continues to form partnerships with Kingdom-minded organizations to maximize its reach in the communities we serve.

Our staff carefully constructs TKC’s schedule, and at this time, we are not accepting invitations to serve at events from non-partner organizations.

Carson has served on both food trucks and loves engaging with the community.

You never know when he might be on the truck next!

Currently, the best way to contribute to Thy Kingdom Crumb is by making a financial gift. For any other inquiries, please contact us at: info@ao1foundation.org.