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As part of the Outdoor Ministry, Camp Conquerors was created to provide children with life-threatening illnesses or other life-altering medical situations an opportunity to experience the outdoors in a setting designed to uplift them spiritually, emotionally and mentally through worship, biblical teaching and small group discussion.

Camp Conquerors is held at the North Dakota 4-H Camp near Washburn, N.D. An 80-acre property, this very modern camp is nestled in the cottonwoods along the Missouri River.

Campers are exposed to a wide variety of activities to help them conquer fear and overcome adversity. These activities include archery tag, kayaking, swimming, wood-burning art, riflery, axe throwing, wheelchair basketball and more!

To ensure the safety of Camp Conquerors, a medical director and several medical staff are present throughout the duration of camp. Counselors and other support staff are provided by the AO1 Foundation.

“I love being a part of AO1 because everyone who participates in Camp Conquerors is dealing with a medical condition, and none of the people there share the same story, which makes the experience unique. What I enjoy most about Camp Conquerors is that all the counselors and staff make you feel like you're part of a big family while surrounding us with Christian guidance.”

- Cody Kranz

"I’m so grateful for spending time at Camp Conquerors! I have met so many awesome friends and role models, and I have learned so much about my faith and myself. I look forward to going every summer! I love that we have a great place where my brother and I can go together to experience God in a fun way!”

- Matthew Winter

"I have loved spending time at Camp Conquerors around people like me who have also been through hard things. I love meeting kids who are like me, hearing their stories and learning about their faith. All of camp is my favorite! I just love going!"

- Sam Winter

“At camp I loved chapel and how uplifting worship was every day! I was grateful for how my cabin connected, how open everyone was with me and how much everyone cared about each other! I had the chance to make friends at camp that I am still in touch with, and I can’t wait to go back to camp to grow closer to God and all the amazing people in the AO1 fam!"

- Hayley Laska