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Thy Kingdom Crumb: Philadelphia was unveiled at the AO1 Foundation Charity Softball Game in 2018 and began serving the surrounding area later that year.

Since the ministry began, more than 38,000 meals have been served from the window of the food truck to address the issue of food insecurity. We’ve created several teams, made up of our dedicated staff and volunteers, that execute the mission of TKC in Philadelphia. Through this ministry, we are committed to sharing the Gospel with each person we serve.

Following Carson’s trade to the Indianapolis Colts, the AO1 Foundation announced in February 2021 that Thy Kingdom Crumb would continue its operation in Philadelphia.

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love from the crumb

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Thy Kingdom Crumb launched its Love From The Crumb initiative to continue supplying free, tangible care to the greater Philadelphia area.

We delivered more than 50,000 pounds of groceries and essential supplies to struggling families, schools and frontline workers through Love From The Crumb.

However, at the heart of this ministry is cooking and serving meals, so we expanded Love From The Crumb to include frozen, family-style meals. Each week a team prepares all of the ingredients and packages the meals, which are then distributed through our contactless, curbside pickup events. To date, an additional 50,000 meals have been served through this initiative.